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The Many Faces of Palitoy – A Centenary of Toys

Did you play with Tiny Tears or Pippa or Tressy or Action Man or Star Wars toys or Playdoh…? Then this exciting new project ‘The Many Faces of Palitoy – A Century of Toys’ celebrating the Palitoy story will bring back memories.

The Many Faces of Palitoy – A Century of Toys is a Coalville Heritage Society led project through a partnership with North West Leicestershire District Council, the National Trust (Museum of Childhood), Leicestershire Museums Service and Leicestershire Promotions as well as individual donors.

The project has been made possible with a grant from the National Lottery Heritage Fund and will celebrate the centenary of Alfred Pallett founding the Cascelloid Company in 1919, which in turn led to the formation of Palitoy in 1935. The project will start in June 2019 and finish in the autumn of 2020.

What the Coalville Heritage Society will do…

  • …collect peoples’ memories of working at Palitoy, people who collect the toys and people who played with the toys as children
  • …make the Palitoy story and the different catalogues, photographs, toys and peoples stories available through a community archive website and social media
  • …provide educational resource for school children and college students that will help them in their studies and awareness of Palitoy and the rich toy heritage of Coalville
  • …work with local people, school children and young people to tell the story of Palitoy through a film and audio play
  • …make the Palitoy collections held by Leicestershire Museums and the National Trust accessible through exhibitions in Coalville and Sudbury Hall…

But we can’t do all this without your help…

How can you help? If you or a member of your family worked at Palitoy, have any stories about Palitoy or the toys, played with the toys or collect them we would like to hear from you. If you would like to be kept informed with the progress of The Many Faces of Palitoy then please let us have your details.

If you want to learn more about the project there are forms you can fill in at local events or you can contact us on Coalville.heritage@gmail.com